Masterful Leonardo and Graphic Dürer

Leonardo da Vinci: Master Draughtsman is the first comprehensive exhibit of these drawings ever presented in America, bringing together almost 120 works on paper as well as one painting.The Met has developed a “special interactive feature” designed to complement the exhibit: an online tour (really an overview) of the show’s eight galleries. This allows us to follow the stages in the development of Leonardo’s mind through 34 representative drawings. Each of these can be enlarged several times thanks to a zoom feature. As you click you can even listen to excerpts from the audio guide by the Met Director Philippe de Montebello and the leading Leonardo scholar Sir Martin Kemp.

In addition there are generous excerpts from the print catalogue including the “Leonardo and His Drawings” by the curator Carmen Bambach, and articles on Leonardo’s left- handedness and on the Codex Leicester one of his notebooks.

You will find concise and straightforward encyclopedia of information about the techniques, the materials and themes of Renaissance artists by going to the Met’s own Timeline of Art History.

If all this makes you hungry to learn more about Leonardo da Vinci pick up a copy of Kenneth Clark’s classic study which is still the best written and most discerning short guide to the artist.


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