Who is Producing the Most Interesting Art Today?

I believe R.C. Gorman to be the most interesting artist today because of the way he marries his marvellous use of color in combination with his subjects, which are mainly Native American (Navajo), scenes with women along with the traditional and timeless beauty of Navajo jewelry, pottery, dress and tradition as well as the inclusion in many of his works of the breathtakingly beautiful American Southwest scenery. This man is so inspiring and his works bring such joy to me each time I view them. The world would be a much emptier place without this great artist in it!

His art work is of the newest medium I’ve seen. He is the first artist to romanticly blend poetic language with computer generated visual beauty. His art work appears to connect with your imagination and the words seem to stir your soul. I highly recommend everyone I know to look at the framed art work I have of his. Greg as an individual teaches any one who asks how to create your own art. His ombiance seems to carry the feeling of comfort when he lets you recognize your own creative spirit. Best Luck to Him and his admirers!


~ by suntravel on July 27, 2007.

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